Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Product Review - Boots Botanics Face Nourishing Eye Makeup Remover

I had this recommended to me by a friend and seeming as I've been turning to organic and natural alternatives for skincare I thought it was ideal timing. My facial cleanser doesn't quite manage to remove eye makeup so I needed an effective but gentle solution. Look no further, I think I just found it...

Boots Botanics describe it as:

A luxurious eye make up remover that melts into the skin, easily removing eye make up and leaving skin cleansed, smooth and velvety soft.

So does it match up?...

A luxurious eye makeup remover?
I'd say so. The consistency of this cleanser is smooth and creamy to the touch so it feels really lovely when you're applying it. A little of it goes a long way, you only need a pea-sized amount to remove makeup from both eyes. I find it best to rub your finger tips together to warm up and spread the product and then gently massage in circular motions around the eye area working into your lashes (to remove mascara) and around the eyes to get rid of the eyeliner.

Once you're done you can either rinse off with luke warm water, take a damp but hot cloth and sponge away the remnants or take a damp cotton pad and wipe it off that way.

Easily removes eye makeup, melting into the skin?
This makeup remover really does melt into the skin. It dissolves eye makeup quickly and effectively but without being harsh on the skin or if it gets into the eyes. In fact, it's quite the opposite! I was really impressed the first time I used this as to how easily it broke down the makeup and how gentle it is all at the same time.

However taking a look at the ingredients list, it becomes no surprise. This is possibly the most natural skincare product I own. It simply contains Olive oil, Jojoba seed oil, Glycerin, Water, Sucrose stearate and Sucrose myristate. Knowing that all of the ingredients are that simple and natural makes you feel a whole lot better about going near your eyes with it. I'd also go as far to say that it's the first eye makeup remover that I thoroughly enjoy to use day after day, as applying it feels like a luxury treatment...

Leaves skin cleansed, smooth and velvety soft?
Yes, yes and yes! Whilst getting rid of hardier makeup such as waterproof mascara/eyeliner can still take a little bit of work, there's absolutely no need to scrub away. A gentle relaxing massage into the eye area is all it takes to loosen the makeup.

Beforehand with other eye makeup removers, I was finding I'd be waking up with traces of eyeliner underneath the eyes in the morning. Not good if you want to keep wrinkles at bay! Either that or it would take two applications of rubbing the previous cleansers fairly vigorously around and that only distresses and damages the delicate skin further!

This cleanser's perfect because the Olive oil does all the hard work at breaking down the makeup while you're just gently pushing it around and giving it a helping hand. Not only is the Olive oil taking away the makeup but it's also moisturising and nourishing the delicate skin so when you touch it after drying your face, you will feel your skin is absolutely baby soft. My eyes feel so soothed afterwards, whereas in the past with previous makeup removers the skin around my eyes has felt quite taut and tight.


I have to say that this is the best eye makeup remover I've ever tried and I've tried plenty! What's also an added bonus is its price - it retails at a mere £3.99 a tube and as a little application is all that's needed at any one time I think this bottle will last me a good 6 months. Whereas past eye makeup removers have only lasted me three, because I have to use so much more. At this price, I think everyone should give it a go, especially as it's so gentle and natural on the skin, perfect too for those with dry and sensitive skins - this makeup remover will be a miracle!

Would I buy again? Well, in case the above didn't make it clear - yes!


Anonymous said...

i agree, i have the most sensitive eyes in the world and this product is so amazing, no stinging, burning, nothing, strange to use but you get used to it and great to deep cleanse all of your face not just eyes, and a great moisture boosting face mask when skin is a little dehydrated or over the winter months. the best i have ever used and have tried most and even the very top range ones, but forget it this is the ONE, this is my holy grail eye remover, moisture boost, depp cleanser etc etc etc, need i go on, i just pray they never stop making it, would be lost without this produce.
one word AMAZING!!!

Amanda said...

Definitely! I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes it's just good old Mother Nature's ingredients that make the best beauty products and olive oil works wonders for many things!

Interesting you use it as a face mask when your skin is feeling dehydrated/parched from the cold. I never thought of that before - a great recommendation, thank you! x

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