Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Glitter and Gore – A Make-up Artist’s Heaven!

Very recently I stumbled upon an amazing website called The Glitter and The Gore. Quite simply it’s a make-up image archive, but that description really doesn’t do it justice. The site is described by the curators, as you’ll see, as a place featuring ‘high art make-up’ ranging from ‘glitter to gore’. For those of you who like your Special Effects make-up though, you may be a little disappointed as I’ve yet to see an image with ‘gore’ in it, such as wounds and zombie make-up for instance. It might be a bit misleading; however I’m not sure if the ‘gore’ is to be taken quite so literally!

The site is run by Gina Marr and those behind the blog ‘Creepyisascreepydoes’. Launched in April last year Gina et al scour the internet from top to bottom and corner to corner, managing to uncover the most amazing make-up artistry images – all incredible, all beautiful and many avante-garde and outlandish, they share these with all who love their make-up!

There is often at least one image added each day so on average your eyes get to feast on 30 new inspiring shots per month, if not far more. Further still if you click on each image for more information and for an expanded view, the images are always credited where possible or at the very least the source is given making sure that all those who work hard creating these stunning pieces of art are recognised!

The site’s a perfect encyclopaedia for all who love make-up, make-up artists, photographers, artists and beauty lovers alike! If you’re anything like me you could easily find yourself on here for hours just gawping at each image one by one and I certainly go on there now for my daily fix, excited about what new inspiration awaits round the corner.

Go see for yourself, what are you waiting for?

You can find Gina Marr on Twitter

Creepyisascreepydoes is another amazing source of great imagery, art and photography but with mostly a creepy twist (hence the title)! As a side note to warn you, this one’s not for the faint-hearted – I got a bit of surprise spook from one of the images on there today for example, but then I’m not great at coping with all horror imagery as my imagination gets a little carried away, ha!

All images are from The Glitter and The Gore

Thursday, 3 February 2011

‘You’ve Got That Feeling’ Music Video by Natalie Ross

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I posted a Making Of video documenting the production of the new music video that I worked on in September, by singer and songwriter Natalie Ross for her latest single ‘You’ve Got That Feeling’. Well the music video premiered at Guildford’s very own live music venue The Boileroom on Saturday 22nd January and has now been released for all to see and hear!

‘One-woman band’ Natalie Ross is an artist with a barbershop style sound but with a modern twist. Not only does she write her own material but she co-produces and arranges it all as well! As Natalie phrases it in Burning Wick’s Behind the Scenes, the music video for ‘You’ve Got That Feeling’ is a ‘visual representation’ of the song – a story of meeting the right person at the right moment and everything else falling into place!

Directed and filmed by Colin Arnold of The Surgery Productions, the 1940's style music video was filmed in Caterham, Surrey where fantastic jive dancers and extras all gathered to take part in the 1940’s tea dance set-up. Everyone’s outfits were incredible, the dancers were amazing and if you'd have stumbled in on the shoot you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d really gone back in time!

It was a real pleasure to work with Natalie and everyone involved on the day. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we all enjoyed making it!

To hear more of Natalie’s songs, get your hands on the ‘You’ve Got That Feeling’ download single and see dates for future gigs get yourself over to

The Surgery Productions is also behind projects such as feature film The Fallow Field and further music videos for singles ‘Ides’ and ‘The Reason (Parasite)’ by UK band Subsource. The latest work to come from Surgery Productions, due for release early this year is the highly anticipated ‘Subsource Dubmentary’ – a feature-length music documentary following the band as they tour Europe and the UK. You can find more on their work at

You can see Natalie’s video on my website or below (double-click for a full-screen view) – sit back and enjoy!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All Things Lush and Beautiful

Everybody that reads my blog must know by now how much I love this company and the wonderful luxuries it makes. This year I’ve been treated to – and treated myself to – a whole new host of their products. So here’s my take on all of them, one by one...

New Christmas Edition: Maple Taffy Lip Balm

I really wanted to get this review out sooner as sadly this little beaut won’t be back on the shelves until December later this year. However initially when I got to Lush this Christmas I was instead very sad to find that the Christmas edition ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ lip balm had been discontinued. This was my favourite Lush lip balm in the collection, so much so I stocked up on enough for the year ahead last year so that I wouldn’t run out (and can I add that I only needed two lip balms for the whole year?!) It was also a winner amongst all of my clients as they love the smell when I use it on them as a moisturising base before applying lippy.

But soon all woes were forgotten when I found the new Christmas edition lip balm in its place – ‘Maple Taffy’. Smelling of and containing maple syrup I think I actually prefer this one now. The smell lasts longer and yet the ingredients list is simpler: Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Maple Syrup, Japan Wax, Shea Butter, Illipe Butter, Carnauba Wax and Glycerine.

The other difference – which admittedly takes some getting used to at first – is the waxy consistency. ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ was a lot oilier and glossier, I think owing to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Whereas ‘Maple Taffy’ contains Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and a lot of rich butters and these seem to provide a much waxier base. If you don’t mind it though I think it’s worth giving the lip balm a chance because I maintain this one moisturises better because the waxy layer that it forms seems to keep moisture in more effectively and stays put whilst Let Them Eat Cake could sometimes eventually slide off.

Vanilla Dee-Lite Hand & Body Lotion

This lotion is my new Holy Grail Lush product. It’s a light moisturiser, but lasts the mile. The smell is so scrumptious, it’s one that’s truly addictive and makes me feel, well put quite simply, happy. I’ve always been a fan of vanilla, so it’s an easy sell to me really. However they’ve put kiwi fruit in this lotion, and as odd as the marriage of these two scents sounds, I think that’s what gives it the amazingly addictive twist! It’s not as sickly as some vanilla-scented products can be and I think that’s owing to the kiwi – it balances out the sweetness, like lime does to coconut!

As I mentioned above the durability is great too – I can wash my hands after having using it on my arms, get a hairstyling product all over my hands whilst styling my hair and I can still smell Vanilla Dee-Lite on my mitts long afterwards! I can also often smell it on myself as the day winds on which is always a bonus for me as isn’t that the reason we use lovely smelling lotions and potions?!

The only disadvantage to this hand and body lotion I’d say is that it may not be nourishing enough for everyone’s skin. The skin on my arms and legs can lean a bit toward the dry side so I still need to use nourishing exfoliants as well as working this into my skin. However Lush does have the name bang on as it really is a delight to use!

Christmas Edition ‘Cinders’ Bath Ballistic

Again another Christmas limited edition – sorry! But if it helps I’d be curious to see if you’d feel let down by this one too. I'm afraid to say I was a little disappointed by this bath bomb. It smelt so exciting and promising when I took it home and of all the bath bombs Lush sells I think it’s one of the prettiest as the colours are gorgeous.

I could definitely smell its cinnamon leaf and sweet orange when it was solid, but when I popped it in the bath I could barely smell anything as it fizzed away. It turned the water a lovely warm, buttery yellow colour and it did feel like it was moisturising my skin once it had melted into the water but other than that I wasn’t blown away.

The bath bomb promised an experience like “falling asleep in front of a log fire and hearing the crackling embers as the snow falls down” – the crackling effect that it produces comes from very cute red popping candy that’s set into the bath bomb! But whilst it did have great fizzing quality it left much to be desired for me. The fragrance that was left on my skin wasn’t very detectable and I couldn’t smell it when I woke up in the morning at all. So sadly out of the three, I won’t be buying this again in future Christmas shopping sessions!

Now normally this is the bit where I point you in the website direction for your own bottle of Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion, but sadly the Lush UK site has fallen victim to hackers recently and as a result no trading’s taking place on there at the moment (more info at But as an alternative in the meantime you can get in touch with the Lush team on 01202 668545 to place an order or head down to your local Lush and have a sampler there!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Behind the Scenes!

In September I did make-up on-set of the shoot for singer Natalie Ross’ up and coming single 'You've Got That Feeling'. Producers at Burning Wick filmed a behind the scenes video interviewing Natalie, director Colin Arnold and giving viewers a little taste of the action in making a 1940s music video.

Natalie's video, produced by The Surgery Productions premiers tomorrow night at Celebrating the Girls of Guildford event held by Guildford-based music venue the Boileroom! With a vintage fair in the day and a fantastic array of artists in the evening, including Miss Ross herself, this will be a fantastic event for any lady who loves her fashion and music – what more could a girl ask for?!

You’ll find the Behind the Scenes video from Burning Wick on my website and I’ll be posting the official music video in days to come. In the meantime have a little peek here...

Natalie Ross

Burning Wick

The Surgery Productions

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Obsession for 2011: Rings, Rings, Rings!

As I mentioned last summer, I’m getting into a bit of a ring obsession and am accumulating more and more as time goes on. I tend to be quite specific when it comes to ring designs but luckily there are some really beautiful designers out there whose work I love! Etsy is a great place to find rings and jewellery (as well as other handmade, beautiful accessories and clothing).

A few of my favourite sellers use Etsy to sell their wares. But also I find markets are a great place to find really unique designers. When I worked at The Clothes Show Live in December I treated myself on the last day to visiting some of the stalls and buying myself a little something. I stumbled across Silver Del Sol – a jewellery company that specialises in beautiful silver jewellery made with shells, semi-precious stones and materials.

The company founder, Claire and I got talking and turns out she sells her wares in Portobello Road market! Another of my favourite market haunts and one that I haven’t had chance to go back to in nearly two years. I loved her collection so much that I’m definitely heading over there soon to pick up some more goodies! Sadly they don’t have an active website at the moment, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground and if it goes live I’ll definitely let you guys know.

Another of my faves is Jewela from Etsy. Whilst I haven’t actually bought anything from them yet – as they’re sellers in Israel so there’s the additional cost of international shipping – I’ve been heading back to their online store every so often poring over some of my favourite pieces so much so I think I ought to put aside a little savings pot and treat myself!

The prices aren’t to everyone’s budget, but as they say on their page – they put a lot of effort into crafting each design and a really beautiful item of jewellery, if well-made and lovingly designed, will be something you wear for many years to come.

If you also like Jewela, I recommend you check out their other Etsy store Hadarjewelry. It’s a little smaller than Jewela, but nevertheless the pieces are beautiful and a definite winner for me.

Below are some of the favourite items of mine from Jewela and Hadarjewely currently on sale at the moment. To check out their Etsy shops just click on the hyperlinks above. To see more of what Etsy has to offer visit Prices will automatically appear in US Dollars but once you begin browsing Etsy detects where you’re visting from and converts to your currency so it’s all laid out for you, nice and easy!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fashion Toast for Breakfast, Anyone?

In the same way that some of us like to kick off their day with a slice of toast for brekkie, I like to start mine with a dose of some of my favourite blogs and websites. Many people have a list of sites that they visit ritually each day and one of mine is

Launched in 2007, I found in a write-up a couple of years later in an edition of ASOS magazine, visited it and have been hooked ever since. Written and compiled by Rumi Neely with photography taken by her other half and herself, this website is a fashion addict’s nirvana and I love, love, love visiting it!

Rumi herself is a fashion assistant and model and gets to travel around the world doing what she loves and loving what she does. Very jealous! With her embarking on frequent trips to Tokyo, holding random photo shoots in desolate and beautiful places and visits to parties and fashion shows there’s much fashion eye candy to look at and beautiful shots to boot.

Rumi herself has great taste, of course. She has an enviable collection of silver rings and bangles and provides me with a bit of wardrobe inspiration when I’m feeling in need of a booster. She also manages to pose for photos in the middle of streets and public footpaths as natural as standing waiting for a bus – something I haven’t managed to master myself yet...

Take a look for yourselves at

As a side note there’s a fair few blogs out there that I’m always discovering and I think are well worth shouting about and sharing with you. So in future I plan to post more about the great people who share, contribute and make the web that bit more fun!

Image of Rumi Neely from

Monday, 17 January 2011

Presenting: Ladies & Gentleman

Last summer I worked on a video shoot filming a pilot episode for a TV drama called ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’. It’s a drama portraying relationships with the episode following the lives of several characters and the highs, lows, difficulties and euphoria that they experience in the relationships that they are involved in... or are pursuing!

Directed by Robin Schmidt, written by Robert Lucas and produced by Disclosure Productions, Ladies & Gentlemen has been described as ‘funny, sexy, dark and heart-breaking’. It was a real pleasure to work with the cast and crew and I look forward to hearing more news on the series in future!

The trailer has recently been released - I'm very excited by it. You'll now find this on my website or you can see it below. Let's watch this space...!

Ladies & Gentlemen Facebook page

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